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About the ship

The ship was built in Kraljevica in 1982 under the name of 'ZELENGORA', under the designation PČ 179, as a fast patrol boat for the needs of the Yugoslav Navy. Back then this boat with a good maneuvering ability and a speed of up to 25 nm protected the maritime borders of Yugoslavia. During the 1990s, the ship was used in warfare against the Republic of Croatia, and directly participated in the attacks and blockades of the Croatian sea and coastline. After the end of the war, the ship was taken to Montenegro and continued its service there until 2005. It was then deregistered from the navy and retired. It was waiting for its turn to be utilized, but its destiny changed and returned it to the Republic of Croatia.

Our family bought it in 2012, and until 2014 worked on the reconstruction and conversion of the ship for tourism. Instead of a missiles storage today there are cabins for passengers, where the launch pad has been, there is a platform for swimming, and the control post has been transformed into a beautiful salon for guests and a kitchen where we cook delicious Mediterranean meals. We needed a good idea and a lot of effort for every detail to transform a ship made for destroying of dreams into a ship for realization of dreams.

SEAGULL cruising usually lasts 7 days in the FB or HB arrangement in A+ category (an equivalent to a 4* hotel) for charter groups. The guests are accommodated in the sleeping cabins of 9 to 11 m2. Each cabin is equipped with a double bed, which has the option of being separated into two beds, a space for your luggage, clothes wardrobes, nightstands, shelves and drawers, a large mirror, air conditioning for cooling or heating of cabins, alarm devices, fire detectors, lifejackets, a sound system for notification of guests or listening to the music, openable windows (12 cabins on the main deck), and each cabin has its own bathroom and a toilet. Four cabins underneath the main deck also have an extra bed. The boat has two sun decks, a sitting space with a tendon protecting from the sun and wind, a salon and a dining area, as well as a bar with a large selection of drinks.

The ship has a boat that serves to watch the guests while swimming from the boat platform and to bring the guests to the coast if they want to visit the beach. The ship is constructed and equipped according to the provisions of the conventions on the safety of passenger ships and includes fire and sound insulation panels, fire protection devices, life-saving appliances such as pneumatic rafters and lifejackets for each passenger, equipment for sailing under difficult conditions and at night.

Basic Characteristics

  • Length: 35 m

  • Width: 6,5 m

  • Number of decks: 3

  • Draft: 2 m

  • Main engine: 2 x 300 hp

  • Speed: 12 nm

  • Capacity: 32 + 4 passengers

  • Number of cabins on the main deck: 12

  • Number of cabins on the first deck: 4

  • The crew: 6-7 members


Contact Us

  • Obala Maršala Tita, Poreč
  • dominik1600 { at } gmail.com
  • www.monvi-tours.hr
  • Dominik (+385 98 435 046)
  • Jadran (+385 98 1877 054)