Charter Group Tours

In addition to standardized types of excursions (fish picnic, dolphin safari, panoramic tours ...), we can also present an offer for another type of excursion. For example, PARTY TOURS for minors (middle school and primary school), where alcoholic beverages are generally not served, PARTY TOURS for adult clients, PANORAMIC TOURS with the duration arranged with the group leaders, WEDDINGS ON BOARD, TEAM BUILDING tours, etc.

All tours can be settled in day and night arrangements. As well as several-day cruises on our SEAGULL boat in FB and HB arrangements. The duration of the tour, as well as the food and beverage service, the destinations we will visit, the type of music that clients prefer, live music, guides that lead the program in all foreign languages, animators, organizing guides for sightseeing, etc., will be negotiated through the offer and on-site.

If your budget is limited, the destinations are unknown to you or you have doubts about the details of the program idea for your group, guided by your wishes, we will provide you with a detailed description of the tour that will delight your business partners, friends, make a good team building...

Contact us with confidence, and you will want to cooperate with MONVI TOURS again. We are sure about that!


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