Sunset With Dolphins Tour

This tour starts EVERY DAY at 6:00 p.m. in the harbor of Poreč. After our departure you can enjoy the panorama of the Poreč lagoons while we pick up the guests who are accommodated in one of the nearby hotels or camps. After that we will serve you drinks, wine, juice and water and slowly sail to the open sea. As we are receding from the shore, a better view of the Poreč Riviera presents itself. A perfect moment to take a picture and enjoy your time-out after an exhausting day at the beach. On the other side there is the open sea and the sun that is coming closer to the horizon. It's like fleeing from reality into a beautiful dream...

But the better part of your dream is yet to come - when you see in the distance that dolphins are coming to your ship. Yes, they are here for you! You will probably only believe this when you see our good friends just a few feet away from you and when you watch the elegant tricks dolphins can show you in their natural environment, in their complete wilderness and freedom. This is not a dolphinarium, there is no trainer, and these animals behave in harmony with nature. Those who forget that we, humans, are also a part of that nature, realize that when dolphins begin to pose in front of their cameras. It is particularly exciting to watch dolphins swimming at the very side of the boat and in front of the bow. If we are lucky enough, we can see a young dolphin that is usually accompanied by a smaller group of adults who keep a distance from the ship. For those who suffer from stress this is a perfect opportunity for therapy ... :) for parents with children this is a perfect gift and surprise for their kids, and for those in love ... well, only they will know it.

Old sailors believe that dolphins bring luck to the crew and ships; they will also bring it to us. So, take advantage of this opportunity, and in just a few hours we will share our happiness with you. This tour is a real attraction and is therefore very much visited. The number of passengers is limited for convenience, because our guests spend most of their time along the sides of the boat, looking for a better view and trying to take a better photo.

Once again, we want to remind you that these are wild animals in their natural environment, and it is strictly forbidden to feed the dolphins or take any action that may endanger or disturb them. Also, we cannot guarantee that we will meet the dolphins that very day, but over the last few years their presence has been more than 90% of such tours.


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